Portable Plastic Spray Bottle – Perfect for Travel

9 October 2023 By clarissassa.com

Portable Plastic Spray Bottle – Perfect for Travel

Portable Plastic Spray Bottle – Perfect for Travel

Introducing the Portable Plastic Spray Bottle, the ultimate solution for all your cosmetic makeup needs. This fine mist blurry spray bottle is designed to provide a convenient and portable way to carry your favorite liquids while on the go. With a capacity of 30ml, it is the perfect size for travel.

Key Features:

1. Fine Mist Blurry Spray

The Portable Plastic Spray Bottle features a fine mist blurry spray that evenly distributes your liquids, ensuring a smooth and flawless application. Say goodbye to uneven sprays and hello to a perfect mist every time.

2. Transparent Travel Bottle

With its transparent design, this spray bottle allows you to easily see the contents inside. No more guessing or accidentally using the wrong product. Stay organized and efficient with this transparent travel bottle.

3. Portable and Lightweight

The compact size and lightweight design of this spray bottle make it ideal for travel. It easily fits into your purse, backpack, or carry-on luggage, allowing you to take your favorite liquids wherever you go.

4. Set of 5 Random Color Containers

Each purchase includes a set of 5 spray bottles in random colors. Add a pop of color to your travel essentials and easily differentiate between different liquids.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the capacity of each spray bottle?

A: Each spray bottle has a capacity of 30ml, making it perfect for carrying small amounts of your favorite liquids.

Q: Are these spray bottles suitable for air travel?

A: Yes, these spray bottles comply with the TSA regulations for carry-on liquids. However, we recommend checking with your airline for any specific restrictions.

Q: Can I use these spray bottles for other purposes?

A: Absolutely! These spray bottles are versatile and can be used for various purposes such as skincare, haircare, cleaning solutions, and more.


The Portable Plastic Spray Bottle is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel or needs a convenient way to carry their favorite liquids. With its fine mist blurry spray and transparent design, it ensures a flawless application and easy identification of contents. The set of 5 random color containers adds a fun and vibrant touch to your travel essentials. Don’t miss out on this portable and lightweight solution for all your cosmetic makeup needs!