Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set – Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

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Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set – Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set – Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family


Gather family and friends for a game of archery with the Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set. This outdoor game set is designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer, this set is perfect for practicing your skills and enjoying some friendly competition.

Main Features

  • Includes a large free-standing target for easy aiming
  • Comes with a large bow for a realistic archery experience
  • Includes three sucker arrows for safe and easy use
  • Arrow carry case for convenient storage and transportation
  • Two blow pipes and three sucker darts for a variety of game play options
  • Ideal for use in wide open spaces under supervision
  • Measures approximately 97cm in height

Product Description

The Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set is the perfect addition to any outdoor gathering. Whether you are hosting a family barbecue, a birthday party, or simply enjoying a sunny day in your backyard, this archery set will provide endless entertainment for everyone.

The set includes a large free-standing target that makes it easy to aim and hit the bullseye. The target is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and is made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting use.

With the included large bow and three sucker arrows, you can practice your archery skills and improve your aim. The arrows are designed with suction cups at the tips, making them safe for use by children and beginners. The arrow carry case allows for easy storage and transportation, so you can take your archery set with you wherever you go.

In addition to the bow and arrows, the Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set also includes two blow pipes and three sucker darts. This adds a new level of excitement and variety to your archery games, allowing you to switch up the gameplay and challenge your friends and family.

Measuring approximately 97cm in height, this archery set is suitable for use in wide open spaces. However, it is important to always supervise children and ensure that the set is used in a safe and responsible manner.


The Parkland庐 Garden Archery Set is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are a seasoned archer or just starting out, this set provides a fun and engaging way to practice your skills and enjoy quality time with family and friends. So gather everyone together, set up the target, and let the archery games begin!