Omron M7 Intelli IT Misuratore Automatico Della Pressione Da Braccio

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Omron M7 Intelli IT Misuratore Automatico Della Pressione Da Braccio

Omron M7 Intelli IT Misuratore Automatico Della Pressione Da Braccio

Product Description

OMRON M7 INTELLI IT – HEM-7361T-EBK with Intelli Wrap bracelet 22-42 cm. Clinically validated Intellisense technology. Irregular beat detector: AFib. Bracelet positioning guide. Intelli Wrap technology (360° accuracy: accurate measurements from any point of arm circumference). Measurement memory: 100 x 2 users + mod. Guest. Motion detection. High blood pressure indicator: indicates if values exceed E.H.S. standards for home self-measurement (systolic pressure 85 and/or diastolic pressure 135). Hypertension. Average last 3 measurements (average of the last 3 measurements within 10 minutes). 3 consecutive measurements in AFib mode. Comparison of measurements with previous readings. App/Bluetooth Connection.


M7 Intelli IT is a blood pressure meter, equipped with Bluetooth connection, which detects the possibility of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Highlights a potential atrial fibrillation (AFib), a often undetected condition that can lead to an increased risk of stroke and embolism. Send results to your smartphone via Bluetooth and keep blood pressure readings with the OMRON connect application. Or ask Alexa to tell you the latest readings without even raising your phone.

The OMRON M7 Intelli IT model is equipped with an indicator that informs the user of the correct positioning of the bracelet. Provides correct measurements of blood pressure in any position that is applied around the arm. OMRON M7 Intelli IT performs three consecutive blood pressure measurements at intervals of 30 seconds, then displays the average blood pressure to provide a more correct indication of pressure.

Comparison of the latest results: M7 Intelli IT has dual screen to compare the latest results with other readings of the day and weekly averages. APFIL Detection: Hold down the “start” button for 2 seconds, the device measures blood pressure and detects AFib. Easy to use Intelli Wrap Bracelet: Wrap the bracelet two centimeters above the elbow, wait until the appropriate guide indicates if the positioning of the bracelet is correct. Know the rhythm of your body: Record blood pressure over time, the readings update automatically on the mobile phone via the OMRON connect application.


  • Device type: Arm pressure gauge
  • Bracelet type: Intelli Wrap 22-42 cm
  • Memory: 2 users x 100 measures
  • Bracelet positioning guide
  • Average calculation function
  • Irregular heart rate detection
  • Body motion detection
  • Clinical validation, diabetes, pregnancy
  • IntelliSense technology
  • Case included
  • Connected via mobile application compatible with the Omron Connecting app
  • Item Weight: 460g
  • Item Size: 191 x 120 x 85mm

Box Contents

  • M7 Intelli IT Pressure Gauge
  • Intelli Wrap Bracelet (22-42 cm)
  • Instruction Manual (Multilingual: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic)
  • Setup Instructions
  • Batteries and case