Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat – Moonsea

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Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat – Moonsea

Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat – Moonsea

Why Choose Moonsea Kids Teepee Play Tent Square Mat?

Are you still worrying about finding a suitable teepee play tent mat for your baby? We are here, we are specialized in home textile as a manufacturer for more than ten years. We are dedicated to the development and safety of your little one with our products. Our aim is to provide high quality products with reasonable cost for our customers.

Moonsea Teepee Play Tent Mat Information

Comfortable and Convenience

Our teepee play tent mat comes with quilted padded and non-slip mat, providing kids a more cozy place to play, read, and take a nap.

Merrymaking Recreation

Our play teepee tent mat gives them plenty of room to roll, sit, stand, and tumble, so they can boldly keep exploring. The kids playtime play mat provides a safe, soft, and hygienic place for babies and children to play.

Easy Care

One-piece design makes our play mat easy to clean, also easy to take outside to shake the dirt out, or you can vacuum it with a low-power handheld vacuum. Roll them away for easy storage. Our playtime mat was made to be a versatile, durable part of your baby’s life.


Anti-slip material on the back of the baby activity mat makes it steady and prevents it from moving around. It is safe for kids when playing at the teepee play tent.

Happy Childhood Memories

Kids don’t like too much space. A small teepee tent gives them a sense of security. In a small space of their own, children can feel a benign sense of loneliness, which can promote their own healthy development.


Since the baby activity mat is vacuum packed which ensures its tidiness, the sponge is a little thinner than its original, we suggest that it can be gently patted placed for a few days after opening to make it return to its original state.


Our Moonsea Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat features a 43”x 43” square shape pad mat with a quilted and soft surface. It has a non-slip backing and a long-wearing edge. The mat is topped with a printed stars design, adding a touch of style to any play area.


This toddler tent rug mat can be used in various settings. It can be placed in the living room or bedrooms for children to play or have a night reading time with their little ones. It is also perfect to put inside a teepee tent, serving as a small nap pad. The mat offers comfort and versatile furnishing options to any room and place.


The Moonsea Playtent mat is soft, safe, and environmentally friendly. Its classic pattern design brings any space to life and adapts to each season.

Care Instructions

Gentle machine washable. Vacuum regularly recommended. Please note that the teepee play tent mat is vacuum packed, which ensures its tidiness. The sponge may be a little thinner than its original state. We suggest gently patting it and letting it sit for a few days after opening to allow it to return to its original thickness.

Moonsea Guarantee

You can trust the quality of our kids tent mat, so you can buy with ease. If there is any problem with the playtent mat, please contact us and we can replace it for you or provide a refund without any excuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Moonsea Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat suitable for all teepee tents?

Yes, the Moonsea Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat is designed to fit most teepee tents. Its square shape and 43”x 43” size make it versatile and compatible with various teepee tent designs.

2. Can the play mat be used on hardwood floors?

Yes, the Moonsea Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat has a non-slip backing that prevents it from moving around, making it suitable for use on hardwood floors.

3. How do I clean the play mat?

The play mat is easy to clean. It can be gently machine washed or vacuumed regularly. For stains or spills, spot cleaning with mild detergent and water is recommended.

4. Is the play mat safe for babies and children?

Yes, the Moonsea Kids Teepee Play Tent Mat is designed with the safety and comfort of babies and children in mind. It is made from soft and non-toxic materials, providing a safe and hygienic place for playtime.

5. Can the play mat be used outdoors?

While the play mat is primarily designed for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors. However, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions to maintain its quality.

Every adventure starts from a safe ground, Moonsea teepee play tent square mat, your perfect choice!