Caddytek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart (Red)

7 October 2023 By

Caddytek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart (Red)

Caddytek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart (Red)

Caddytek offers a full line of reasonably priced golf push trolleys, and the Caddytek ONE-CLICK is the first four-wheeled model.

It is the first trolley we’ve tested with a suspension on the front axle, which did a great job of keeping the trolley rolling smoothly even when we wandered into a gopher-cratered wasteland.

Easy Folding and Storage

Folding the golf push trolley back up is a 2-step process: push the release button on the handle, and then push down on the handle. The trolley will fold in upon itself and will click into a retaining bracket when complete. Its retaining bracket holds the folded trolley together relatively well, and there is less danger of the trolley drooping and beginning to unfold when you pick it up with one hand.

Convenient Brake System

The Caddytek ONE-CLICK uses a foot-activated brake system located just inside the left rear wheel. With a simple press of the pedal, you can securely lock the trolley in place.

Durable and Reliable Wheels

The wheels are made of solid EVA plastic, so there is no danger of winding up with a flat tire during your game. They provide excellent stability and maneuverability on various terrains.

Adjustable Handle and Wheel Alignment

The handle pivots up or down to fit the height of the user. The adjustment knob features a number of gear teeth, allowing for easy customization. Additionally, the alignment of each front wheel is adjustable to ensure the trolley moves straight and smoothly.

Compact and Versatile Design

The golf trolley folds extremely flat, which is a big plus as it makes it possible to fit both the cart and a golf bag in the trunk of a small car. Its compact design also allows for easy storage in tight spaces.

  • The trolley is deserving of the “ONE” moniker, as it unfolds in a single step.
  • The advantage of having four wheels is that the cart stays pretty stable on the course.
  • The bungee straps for securing a bag to the cart (there are upper and lower straps) are easy to hook together and keep the bag snugly in place.
  • With a mesh storage basket suitable for holding head covers, a jacket, six-pack, or any of the other miscellaneous stuff that golfers like to carry around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the trolley suitable for all golf bag sizes?

A: Yes, the Caddytek ONE-CLICK can accommodate various golf bag sizes and shapes.

Q: Can the trolley handle rough terrains?

A: Absolutely! The suspension on the front axle and the durable wheels allow for smooth navigation even on uneven surfaces.

Q: How easy is it to fold and unfold the trolley?

A: The one-click folding mechanism makes it incredibly easy to fold and unfold the trolley in seconds.


The Caddytek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart (Red) is a game-changer in the world of golf trolleys. Its unique features, such as the front axle suspension and one-click folding mechanism, set it apart from other models on the market. With its durability, stability, and convenience, this trolley is a must-have for any golfer looking to enhance their game. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying your golf bag and enjoy the ease and comfort provided by the Caddytek ONE-CLICK.